Yesterday I mentioned I wanted to be a personal trainer and that I go to the gym etc.
The man asked me ‘what sports you play then?’
I said ‘I lift weights and run, row and cycle’
He said ‘that’s not a sport though is it’
I said ‘I want to be fit, healthy and help others to achieve that. I never said I wanted to win Wimbledon’
He couldn’t reply

sarahkicksassbutt asked:

hello lovely! thank you for following me back ♥ i've been getting excited to find other fitblrs that love Supernatural too. i'm sort of new to the fitblr community lol.

Glad you found me :) I haven’t found many Spn fitblrs yet but I know there’s one or two following me but I can’t think of their names. I’m sure there’s one called ‘supernatural squats’